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Balancing Blood Sugar: lose weight, feel great, prevent disease

Sep 7, 2024 - Oct 5, 2024

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Unlock the Secrets of Your Body with Our 1-Month Program! Are you ready to truly understand how your body works and take control of your health? Join our exclusive 1-month program designed to give you invaluable insights and practical tools to optimize your well-being. What You'll Experience: Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGMs): Gain real-time insights into how your diet affects your blood sugar levels. Discover the surprising ways your current eating habits impact your health. Weekly Educational Videos: Learn simple, effective strategies to minimize blood sugar spikes. Our videos will show you how minor changes, like the order in which you eat your food, can make a big difference. Comprehensive Blood Sugar Education: Understand the intricate relationship between blood sugar, fat storage, and overall health. By the end of the program, you'll have a clear grasp of how to manage your blood sugar effectively. Supportive Community: Access our members' area site to connect with me and other program participants. Share experiences, ask questions, and receive encouragement every step of the way. Who Should Join? Struggling with weight loss? Concerned about your A1c or fasting glucose levels? Family history of diabetes? Looking to prevent future health issues? If any of these resonate with you, this program is tailored to meet your needs. Take Charge of Your Health Now! This is your moment to make a change. Don't wait—join our program today and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more informed you. What do you have to lose? The program is $45 for the lessons/support and $297 for a month of Continuous Glucose Monitors. You will have the option to order more if you like tracking your blood sugar in that way. If you already wear a CGM and just need access to the app we will be using, message me.

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Balancing Blood Sugar: lose weight, feel great

Balancing Blood Sugar: lose weight, feel great

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